The Freestore Foodbank has invested
$30 Million for Brigher & Healthier Futures

Our goal was ambitious – we wanted to move our region beyond hunger and we are doing that.

We pursued a bold strategy to enhance and expand vital support services to get at the root causes of hunger and poverty. We increased our capacity and equipped our network to provide for our neighbors in times of crisis. We’re training workers to have the job skills to regain stability. And we’re growing in scale to meet the entire need for missing meals. Because, for us, this isn’t just about hunger. This is about hope. And giving people the confidence and support they need to achieve a brighter, healthier future.

Key Investments Solve the Challenge

Closing the hunger gap in our region is within our reach. The solution is simple but will require the resources and support of our community to get us there.

The support of our community partners helped us to achieve:

  • ADDITIONAL meals for families on our community
  • MORE individuals supported in social services
  • EXPANDED healthy food storage & distribution
  • ENHANCED workforce training programs
  • STRONGER infrastructure across pantry network
  • MORE innovation and funding to scale best practices
  • INCREASED support for volunteers

Thank you for helping us ensure that no child, individual or family goes hungry in our community!

Freestore Foodbank 3401 Rosenthal Way Cincinnati, Ohio 45204

$20M Investment

We invested in the right modern storage and infrastructure to scale capacity to meet the entire need for missing meals and to enhance our workforce training.

The new 224,000 square feet distribution and workforce training center provides critical refrigeration and freezer capacity, eliminates inefficiencies, and ensures more fresh, healthy foods can be supplied.

Investing In Partners

$5M Investment

The nature of community food pantries is changing. We’re supporting 500+ network partners and pantries who need to store and distribute more food and take in greater quantities of perishable food.


$5M Investment

We’ve expanded our vital support services and successful workforce training programs in addition to solidifying our endowment to better address the root causes of hunger and poverty in our community.

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  • David Taylor
  • David Taylor