Growing to Meet the Need

Our team and Board of Advisors have determined that key investments are needed to grow—but, we cannot do this alone. We must bring the capabilities of valued partners and network agencies into the future with us. And we must take the following real steps to shrink the size of the issue down.


$20M Investment

We’re investing in the right modern storage and infrastructure to scale capacity to meet the entire need for missing meals and to enroll more students in our workforce training.

  • Build a new, modern distribution center and workforce training center
  • Our new, centralized center will expand Freestore’s storage, processing and distribution capacity
  • Maximize efficiency and consolidate two of our current distribution facilities into one, for long term cost savings
  • Transform and expand our ability to provide more healthy, nutritious food — with greater refrigeration capabilities, improved efficiency and coordination with our partners
  • Increase our storage and processing of more fresh (perishable) foods.
  • Expand and enhance space for LIFT and COOKS! workforce training programs.
Key Investments - Warehouse


$5M Investment

We’re expanding partner pantry food distribution and storage capacity and support our network with services.

  • Strengthen the infrastructure of the network of pantries with refrigerated vehicles, grants for capital needs, and additional resources.
  • Expand the capacity of partner pantries to bring in what we share out.
  • By 2025, we want 80% of all food distributed to be healthy, nutritious and, to a large extent, perishable foods. The community food pantry is changing in nature.
  • Significant capital support for 20% of our higher volume pantry partners.
  • Enhance the ability of the network to direct people into relevant supportive services
Key Investments - Partners


$5M Investment

We’re preparing for the future by strengthening our endowment and Innovating with our support services.

  • The endowment is our source for sustainable, long-term funding for our many support programs.
  • Continue our unique role as a leader, partner and innovator with strategic investments in programs.
  • Expand current successful workforce training programs.
  • Pilot new nationally recognized best practices at the local level.
Key Investments - Services

To learn more about our key investments and how you can support, contact Trisha Rayner at or 513-482-7539.